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    is the Director of Civil War Era Studies at Gettysburg College and the William L. Garwood Visiting Professor at Princeton University. He is one of the nation’s foremost experts on Abraham Lincoln and Lincoln’s era, and is one of PowerLine’s “Top 100 Professors in American Colleges and Universities.” He is one of The Teaching Company’s “Star Professors,” and one of the Organization of American Historian’s Distinguished Lecturers. You’ve seen him in CNN’s Race to the White House: Lincoln vs. Douglas, PBS’s Blood and Glory: The Civil War in Color and The Civil War: The Untold Story, and with the legendary Bill Plante on CBS This Morning at Ford’s Theatre. His vivid speaking style and crystal-clear explanations have earned him national applause:

  • “Professor Guelzo is excellent!! He kept me interested with his manner of presentation, content, and explanations with sides of humour.”

  • “Professor Guelzo both entertains and challenges his audience. I don’t know how many times I thought, “I agree with that”, only to find myself agreeing with the opposing view in the next lecture!”

  • “Professor Allen C. Guelzo presents the material with passion, enthusiasm, and a unique knowledge of the subject. The end result is that you eagerly anticipate each lecture.”

His “graphic and emotionally-affecting” book, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion was an eight-week New York Times best-seller. He will dazzle and enlighten your audience, just as he has for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Meet the Press: Press Pass with David Gregory, and Brian Lamb’s Booknotes. Think history is bunk? You won’t, after hearing Allen C. Guelzo.


Hot topics 

  • Ten True Lies About Abraham Lincoln The ten most popular myths about Lincoln, along with the kernels of truth they contain. Ten True Lies will help you understand the real virtues and values of our greatest president.

  • Tear Down or Build Up? Confederate Monuments, Billboards and Other Eyesores What was the controversy over Confederate monuments in Charlottesville and elsewhere all about? How risky is it to smash monuments you think offend people? Your audience will learn about what monuments and memorials are supposed to be, and how to judge their meanings.

  • Who Needs the Electoral College? Americans do, because the Electoral College, despite the Election of 2016, is good for our democracy. Learn the three basic myths about the Electoral College, and its three important contributions to our political life.

  • The Threat of Free Speech Despite its place in our Constitution, freedom of speech has never been challenged in so many places as it is today, especially in colleges and universities. What your audience will learn is how vital free speech is, especially in higher education, and how the key to understanding free speech is the difference between seeing ourselves as citizens and seeing ourselves as members of tribes.

  • Did Robert E. Lee Commit Treason? The answer is Yes -- but here are the reasons why he couldn’t be convicted, even today. Your audience will learn how deliberately our Constitution safeguards even those who have committed the most serious of all offenses against it.

  • Why People Hate (Yes, I Said ‘Hate’) Abraham Lincoln Think Abe Lincoln is our greatest president? Meet the people who disagree with you – and why – and learn why they’re wrong!

  • God and Mr. Lincoln Lincoln said more about religion as a public man than any other president, yet he seemed to believe less. Your group will pull back the curtain on the most private aspect of Lincoln’s life, and learn a lesson about how religion operates in a secular nation.

  • Abraham Lincoln, Esq. – America’s Lawyer Lincoln was no small-town lawyer. Even though he never attended a law school, he had an enormous legal practice, with national clients. You and your association will learn how Lincoln’s experience as a lawyer played a big role in the success of his presidency.

  • The Blown-Up Future of Higher Education American higher education seems to get bigger and more expensive every year. But is it heading for a cliff? Learn how American colleges and universities are going to become bigger and smaller, more intense and less comprehensive, and all at the same time – and learn, too, which are going to survive and which aren’t over the next ten years.

Client groups for speaking:

  • College & university (on-campus, commencements, professional development)

  • Corporate and executive meetings

  • Judges’ and legal conferences

  • Historical and cultural associations

  • Religious organization conventions

Fees and requirements:

Dr. Guelzo maintains an extensive calendar of speaking engagements. His schedule is under the management of the WorldWide Speakers Group. Please see his web-page there for information. :  https://www.wwsg.com/speakers/dr-allen-carl-guelzo/

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